This page is designed to give you some very basic but essential information about Metal Roofing.

What is Zincalume© and Colorbond© ?

Zincalume© and Colorbond© are trademarks owned by BlueScope Steel.

History of Bluescope Steel – The modern BlueScope Steel Limited has evolved from the coming together of three pioneer companies in the Australian steel industry ( The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited, John Lysaght [Australia] Pty Ltd and Australian Iron & Steel Limited ) together with the more recent acquisitions of New Zealand Steel and Butler Manufacturing. BlueScope Steel was listed on the Stock Exchange in 2002.

Zincalume© is a sheet of steel with a coat of Zinc & Aluminium to protect the steel from rusting. Colorbond© is Zincalume©, the difference is the Zincalume© sheet has been painted with one of the 20 available colours for aesthetic purposes making it Colorbond©.